We are really excited about the idea of extending the collaboration with Area Goalkeepers 27 also for summer 2023! 

What is Goalkeeper Area 27

Area Portieri 27 is one of the best Italian companies as regards the development of young goalkeepers. 

Led by a team of professionals of the caliber of Raffaele Clemente, coach of the first team of Pordenone and Massimiliano Sellan, Udinese Under 17 coach, the Friulian reality is constantly growing and it is an honor for us to be able to and for us it really is a pleasure to continue to strengthen this incredible partnership while admiring the quality of the proposed work, sharing its teaching philosophy and human values. 


Camp 2023 - Trailer (Peschiera dG 2022)

The Camps

To the 4 weeks of Summer Camp in Friuli, a fourth week is added this year in Verona, in the suggestive and beautiful location of the Hotel Antares in Villafranca (VR). 

The objectives of these weeks are to touch, with great attention and care, all the coordination and technical skills, treating with particular attention the situations on the inactive ball and the game integrated with the defensive line.

Why are the IILEVEN x Area Portieri 27 camps unique events?

1. Qualified goalkeeper coaches and instructors dedicated to foot play development 

2. Innovative AP27 method of goalkeeper refinement

3. Suggestive locations

4. Total Look IILEVEN: Captivating kit combined with top range racing gloves, grip socks and jersey sock. 

5. Camp Social: high quality video content and photos by IILEVEN and Team IILEVEN Special guests in two of the four events

The Goalkeeper Area Method 27

- 360 ° role training, with different themes from session to session, both technical and individual tactics

- Sessions designed to recreate racing situations

- Video analysis

- Use of the most innovative instruments available on the market (ball shooters, shields, templates, deviators)

- Thematic prize games, to combine technical and playful aspects of training

- Multi-sport team tournaments, to develop coordination skills different from the canonical ones of the goalkeeper and to reinforce team play and communication

Some of the great content created last year

@iileven How not to be surprised by a cross that passes over our heads? Mister Max Sellan of Area Goalkeepers 27 explains it to us 🔥⚽️ what would you like to see explained in the next tutorial? write it in the comments 👉 #iileven # tutorial #goalkeeper tutorial # goalkeeper drills # goalkeeper training #goalkeeping # goalkeeper training #tutorialgoalkeepers #howto # goalkeeper football ♬ original sound - IILEVEN
@iileven Finding the correct position to make a parade is essential! ❌ We mustn't be attracted too much by the movement of the ball. On the contrary we have to adapt the position progressively ✅ #iileven #theherosjob #goalkeepergloves #goalkeeping # goalkeeper training #goalkeeper tutorial # goalkeeper drills # goalkeeper training #tutorialgoalkeepers # goalkeeper football ♬ original sound - IILEVEN

The Weeks

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