1. The IILEVEN Pro service is valid for 12 months from the time of subscription, during which period it is possible to use all the services indicated here.
2. Its activation takes place once the payment of the entire amount or of the first installment corresponding to the package you intend to purchase is completed (if chosen as a payment method)
3. Payment can be made by card / paypal in advance or bank transfer (only for the full amount).
4. The payment can be deferred in 3 installments (to be paid through the platform and the methods made available by the site), an advance, 30 days, 60 days, or paid in advance with a discount.

5. The buyer undertakes, if he chooses the payment method in installments, to complete the payment in the manner and within the times indicated in the appropriate section of the website, or in advance, 30 days and 60 days from activation. Those who fail to pay within the established terms will receive two payment reminders. If even the reminders are not sufficient to complete the payment, the buyer will be considered in default. 

6. During the subscription period, the subscriber can order any product of his choice from the IILEVEN catalog at any time (the products displayed on the site are valid in the catalog and the relative sizes), for the number relating to the chosen package, from which the two pairs in limited and exclusive colors must be subtracted, which will be delivered and distributed in the manner and within the times decided by IILEVEN. Models not ordered during the service subscription period cannot be combined with any other models relating to the following year's subscription.

7. The order of the gloves takes place through the methods and tools made available by IILEVEN. Any orders that do not comply with the aforementioned methods may be considered worthless.

8. IILEVEN retains the right to decide to change both the tools and the order methods, as well as the release dates of the limited editions / colors, provided that the conditions expressed above are respected (provide 2 limited editions to the subscriber within the duration of service)

9. It is strictly forbidden to resell the products purchased through the IILEVEN Pro service, under penalty of immediate termination of the service.

10. The service cannot be transferred or shared with third parties, but is for the exclusive use of the subscriber.

11. IILEVEN will promptly inform and inform subscribers to the service of the arrival of new products, deadlines, and the possibilities of choice from the updated catalog, through telematic tools such as newsletters and the IILEVEN Pro group on Facebook.

12. To withdraw from the service, at least 30 days before the automatic renewal (which will take place exactly one year from the moment of the first subscription), send an email to, in which you communicate your intention to withdraw from the service same.

13. The sensitive data collected by IILEVEN belonging to the subscriber, will be used for the sole purpose of facilitating the operations of managing orders, cataloging and creating a history and in order to facilitate communication with the subscriber for everything concerning the management of the service.