IILEVEN was born in 2014 from the idea of Federico Da Vià, with the aim of transforming passion for design, the role of the goalkeeper and sport in general and making it something tangible.

In a very short time this idea takes shape and changes, becoming a team of people who share the same spirit and values, but above all a lively and pulsating community.
Today it is no longer just about products, but about communicating a way of seeing sport.


Federico Da Vià


Valerio Filippi


Federico Faccioli


Luca Taddeo


Our Gloves

Our goalkeeper gloves they stand out for the fact that they represent the will to always go beyond the goalkeepers' expectations: never to be banal or banal, favoring the quality of materials and solutions and combining all this with an almost maniacal design care.

They are therefore particularly appreciated precisely because they represent something new and original in a “more of the same” market with which to identify and express uniqueness and change.

There are two dogmas regarding the product:

  • The fit is in fact the thing that most helps a goalkeeper to save better and to have a feeling of security when he is on the pitch
  • The fit is one of the main reasons for IILEVEN's success as we have always created the patterns that make the fit of our gloves unique.
  • The attention and care towards design is another central element in IILEVEN's work
  • Not only are our models recognized for their unique designs but also for their strong personality. Many of our gloves are recognized for the model name even more than for the brand name. We have therefore decided to give value and space to the elements that make our models unique


Being a goalkeeper isn't just putting on a pair of gloves and diving in when the ball hits.
There is a world of emotions and moods that only those who have worn the number one at least once can understand: the tension during the interminable attacking actions of the opponents, the apparent calm of the moments alone with ourselves when the ball is far away, the liberating scream after a decisive save.

It's a tiring role, mentally exhausting and many times not even that fun. But we feel that it is part of us, we need it deeply and it makes us special in some way.

IILEVEN wants to celebrate the love for this exciting and incredible role.


Jacopo Furlan

Empoli - Serie A

Alberto Paleari

Benevento - Serie B

Amanda Tampieri

Sampdoria - Serie A

Francesca De Bona

Sassuolo - Serie A

Matthias Church

Hellas Verona - Serie A

Juan Manuel Arias


Alessandro Farroni

Vis Pesaro - Serie C

Alessandro Siano

Juventus U23 - Serie C

Riccardo Melgrati

Imolese - Serie C

Federico Del Frate

Pro Sesto - Serie A

Alex Valentini

Pro Vercelli - Serie C

Riccardo Pigozzo

Seregno - Serie C