How did the first IILEVEN exclusive event go.

We have created our first event dedicated to our goalkeepers.

Lots of expectations at stake and the leap into the dark of something never seen before. 

We found ourselves at the Hotel Pflanderalm in San Martino in Passiria.
A special location, in the heart of the Alps, nestled in the Val Passiria. The perfect setting for three magical days. 

The presentations, the assignment of the rooms, then off to the field to receive the material and start with the first training session. 

The air was crisp right away, for the desire to fully enter the event and find out what it had in store for the participants. 

They, the real protagonists, our heroes, who believed in this project from the beginning, marrying it and making it truly possible. Let's get to know them.

The protagonists

Team Black

Alex Capogrosso

Filottrano (AN)

Ettore Benatti

Cassano d'Adda (MI)

Simone DeMartini

Colnago D'Adda (MB)

Leonardo DiPaolo

Cistern of Latina (LT)

Team Orange

Alexander Ricci

Milan (MI)

Manuel Miragoli

Zelo Good Persian (LO)

Charles Romoli

Cagliari (CA)

Frederick German

Rome (RM)

What happened during the event…

Day 1 - Photo Shooting and Vertical Video Content Creation

After the delivery of the material, we immediately started with the first shots and after a brief presentation of the event, we immediately took to the field for create content for TikTok channels and IILEVEN's Instagram. Exercises with multiple parries, deflectors and silhouettes were the focus of the shoot.
We ended the session with one two-door challenge with the shield that forced the boys to defend themselves against a barrage of complicated balls. 

In the evening, after dinner, we transferred all the videos and photos to the boys so that they could appreciate each other and review what they had done during the sessions.

As always, the good Tadde he gave profile pictures to all the participants!

Day 2, morning session - Breech work

The boys battled it out all morning in exercises that required both big aability with feet, but also the communication, which is another key aspect of the role.
It was also extremely important to them know each other and talk to each other, being teammates, to elaborate strategies useful for winning games.

The games focused on game situations where goalkeepers have to use their feet.
We started from a bull with goals, where whoever wins the ball must score, to then move on to increasingly real situations, where the goal was often to get out of a pressing situation starting from a goal kick.
Before long the boys had to try to get out of the area by posting the teammate low to go in goal, then instead the goal was to get out of the pressure by lifting the ball, so yesriding opponents.

Day 2, afternoon session - High exits

We concentrated the afternoon session on reading aerial situations, another topical issue in modern football

Today the goalkeeper in addition to parrying, as well as having a good command of the game with his feet, must be able to be decisive in reading the action, to prevent and anticipate the opponent's actions, thus adopting a very aggressive attitude.

Another aspect on which we have focused is the fact of continuing to stimulate the goalkeepers during training with highly unpredictable exercises. This obliges them to maintain high concentration and high nervous tension, which is fundamental on Sunday. 

So we worked on interventions on lateral crosses, where the goalkeeper must evaluate whether to go out or recover the goal, to then position two goals at 90 degrees and recreate challenging situations to go and score in any of the two goals.

Day 3 - Challenges between goalkeepers

The third day, the one dedicated to challenges, accompanied a playful part, always an educational aspect. So we have combined more classic challenges with other challenges more aimed at training real aspects of the role.

Starting from a football-tennis with conditioned hand-foot touches, where it is the touch of the partner to dictate our play, up to the game "All attackers, All goalkeepers" very dear to our Vale, up to games with two goalkeepers in goal. 

All these games helped the participants to develop communication and strategies, to orient themselves outside their classic "comfort zone" and make decisions in a short time. 

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